The Founder Institute Has Got A Friend In Me

I’ve done it; I’m one of the twelve graduates of the Spring 2016 New York Founder Institute. I’ve hit the next big milestone in a lifelong journey as an entrepreneur, in the preprocess becoming one of 1,944 people in the entire world who have graduated from an FI Program. To put that into perspective, a total of 2,947 Oscars have been awarded since the inception of the Academy Awards. In other words, there are fewer FI Graduates then there are academy award winners.

The difference between being an FI Grad and an Academy Award winner is actually quite significant; many entertainment industry professionals say that winning an Oscar is the crowning moment of their careers. As a professional in the entertainment industry, winning an Oscar is the moment when everyone in the community recognizes your success. Many people in the community call it the peak of their careers. However, as an FI Grad, you are far from your peak, the community is not recognizing your success, but merely recognizing your potential for success.

That is the difference between my quest for an Oscar as a film producer, and my quest for a successful career in entrepreneurship as an FI Grad.

So how do I feel now that I’ve graduated FI? Excited, but not 100% satisfied. I find myself engulfed in a feeling of joy, exhilaration and accomplishment, but also the same time, a feeling of emptiness. Because, I know that the work is only just beginning. I have a long way to go if I want to be a successful entrepreneur and FI Grad. However, I’m graduating FI knowing that it has provided me with a skillset and mindset that will help me reach that success. I once spoke about this lack of satisfaction regarding FI and how it was a good thing. I invite everyone to read the post where I liken FI to my time on a Film Production.

The Founder Institute was absolutely a marathon, not a sprint. A marathon where once I cross its finish line, a second marathon starts immediately after. From the moment I finished graduation, a starting gun has gone off marking the next step in my monumental undertaking to be a successful entrepreneur. Going forward, I will be using the techniques FI taught me to finish the development of Clapper and launch the product successfully. However, the skills and techniques I’ve gotten from FI will be skills I take with me the rest of my life, long after my time with Clapper has come to an end.

The Founder Institute changes you, no matter who you are when you go in, you are going to be different when you come out the other side. It is not surprising that so many graduates like to pass on what they have learned and tell you about their experiences. The FI curriculum has you writing blog posts, the second blog post I wrote on my Clapper blog was about how FI changes you. I welcome everyone who is reading this to read that blog post as well. The fact is, when you graduate FI, your fellow graduating class will quickly become your close friends, your brothers and sisters in arms. You’ve gone through something with them that few could imagine and because of that, you will have lifelong friends. So long as you remember to stay in contact!


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