Clapper is a software program and mobile app built to help manage the logistics of media productions, streamline communication while on set, and better organize the overall project across all elements of the production. Clapper aims to eliminate waste and save productions time and money while also building a better-connected community. Providing producers, line producers, content creators, filmmakers, show runners, department heads and executives all the tools they need to bring their production to the next level.


Built with the help of both veterans of the entertainment industry and the most promising young industry talent. We are shaping Clapper to be a highly flexible and scalable platform by focusing on three core beliefs:

  1. Any production, big or small, be it a YouTube video or a Hollywood Blockbuster or anything in-between requires clear communication, good coordination and excellent organization to succeed. Chaos on a production is going to be unavoidable, so make sure it is a controlled chaos.
  2. While shooting, it is not enough to have everything and everyone documented and catalogued, the ever-changing nature of a shoot requires clear lines of communication to execute the project in an efficient manner.
  3. We are as much a community as we are an industry. When the cameras aren’t rolling, all of us will still be working. This is true no mater what job you do. Even if you are simply working on finding the next gig, or working on that pet project of yours, you are always going to be hustling and always “plugged in”.



Always stay connected, stay in contact with the entire cast and crew of whatever production you’re working on. Then, keep in contact with colleagues and the overall community between productions. Know who’s working and who’s available. Clapper aims to make the integration of production documents, schedules and general production information as seamless as possible.


Complicated and overstuffed email chains can quickly become a headache; the decentralized nature of bouncing a conversation between multiple tools (Email Text & Phone) can cause miscommunication and delays. Clapper brings all those conversations into one place. Seamlessly track the conversation between platforms. When you’re on set, text doesn’t always work, but not everyone has a walkie-talkie. Clapper has a built in walkie feature! Create multiple custom walkie channels. No more talking over each other or limiting yourself to only a handful of channels. Now have group channels with the option to take the conversation one on one at your leisure. Skip paying for expensive walkie talkie setups by putting it all on your phone. The best part! It doesn’t need a cell signal to work!


Departments need to be able to work together. Custom communications channels allow for inter-department communications and sharing. More importantly, as a community, we need to be able to keep in contact with each other between projects. Now it’s easy. Your individual account log-ins and conversations can carry over from project to project, allowing personal communications between professionals to last beyond the wrap party! Find out who is available to be a part of your crew and when the schedule conflicts with another project of theirs!


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